Life Enrichment Ministries

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If we are alive and breathing, we will all struggle with issues of life; whether directly or indirectly. The Deaf are no different than everyone else in this regard.

Life Enrichment is a group of 5 lessons taught by Carol Clemans, and interpreted for the Deaf. These lessons will give Biblical guidance on how to understand what individuals are struggling with, and how to provide resolution to the problems and situations we battle.

The following areas are discussed:

  • Abuse/Recovery – discussion of identifying and working thru verbal, physical, mental, and emotional abuse
  • True Submission – discusses how to be successful in relationships: marriage, children, friends/family
  • Winning the Battle of the Mind – discusses how painful events of our past can infringe on the plans God may have in our present life; but there is healing available
  • God’s Design for Marriage – discusses the Biblical principles of having the marriage God intends for individuals
  • Sexual Purity – discusses God’s design for relationships and enjoyment, but how social media and satan have left people’s ideas of sex distorted and unrealistic.


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