What Really is Deaf Ministry?

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This lesson was taught by Marietta Patchin at the 2009 National Deaf Conference. It should be the foundation of every Deaf Ministry. It’s critical to understand the “Why” we are doing something. Deaf Ministry is more than learning a beautiful language; it’s knowing how to reach into a culture to see souls saved!

The following topics are discussed:

  • How Big is the Field?
  • What “To Minister” Means
  • What Really is Deaf Ministry?
  • How Important is Culture?
  • Truths About Deaf Ministry
  • The Privilege of Ministry
  • The Nature of Ministry
  • The Purpose of Ministry
  • Sign Ministry vs Deaf Ministry
  • How Do I Know I am Called?
  • Five Types of Deaf Ministry
  • Responsibility of the Interpreter

Marietta Patchin is a licensed UPCI Deaf Minister and currentlyholds the position of Deaf Ministry Prison Coordinator. She is hearing impaired since the age of 9, and has gradually lost most of her hearing over the years.


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